Taking Twitter by storm, BTS became the number one trending topic worldwide during a live stream.

On September 25 at 5PM (KST), BTS appeared on Arirang’s After School Club, bringing up a new Twitter trending topic of ‘BTSASC,’ which eventually rose to number one.


The trending topic is a real time search on Twitter by people from all around the world.

BTS became the third guests on After School Club to achieve the feat following EXO and B.A.P. With only three months of experience under its belt, BTS proved just how popular the group was overseas.

Through webchatting, BTS interacted with fans in USA, Malaysia, and more, with fans showing all kinds of affection, including playing a piano version of BTS’ Coffee from the O!RUL8,2 album.

Especially on this day, one fan revealed that she earned a lot of hope after hearing BTS’ songs while she was being bullied in school.

Meanwhile, BTS began promoting its first mini album, O!RUL8,2 on September 11.

Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

© MWAVE via: bangtan @ tumblr


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