[PIC] 131029 BTS – Jin & Jimin @ Winter Collection 2013 GS Shop


[HD] 131028 BTS – ‘N.O’ @ Hallyu Dream Concert 2013

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[Tutorial] A Step by Step Guide : How to VOTE @ THE 2013 Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA)

cr: bangtan @ tumblr

Note : This tutorial is for email registration voting only. 

  1. Go to the voting page (http://mama.interest.me/poll)
  2. Click ‘Register’ in the top righthand corner 
  3. Register via e-mail address 
  4. Fill in the form with all required information, then click submit 
  5. Go to your email 
  6. Click the verification link 
  7. Sign into your account 
  8. Vote! 

Please remember that that you can vote every single day. BTS really deserves this award, we can help them get it! They have some tough competition this year, so we need a strong group effort if you want them to win.

Vote consistently, and tell your friends to vote for BTS as well. Remember that they are nominated in both Artist of the Year and Best New Male Artist!

If you can, please bookmark this link and click on it when you need to vote. We can work together to help gather cheering springs!

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