[INFO] Vote For BTS @ THE MAMA 2013

BTS has been nominated for Best New Male Rookie and Artist Of The Year, so let’s help them reach their dreams by voting for them. They can only get Best New Male Rookie award once, and us ARMYs can help them achieve it.

How to vote 

  1. Vote opens at October 24th, 2013 at 00:00 KST (Midnight)
  2. Go to the voting website (http://mama.interest.me/intro) and for vote http://mama.interest.me/poll and fill out the entire vote ballot.
  3. Simply choose BTS for the Best New Male Rookie section and Best Artist of the Year!
  4. Don’t forget that you can vote everyday! 

If you’ve never voted in the MAMA Awards before, you need to vote for someone in every single category even if you only really want to vote for one.

Remember : Winners are chosen by :
–  fan votes (20%),
– expert research (20%),
– judges (20%),
– music sales (20%),
– record sales (10%),
– and a selection committee (10%).

A more in-depth tutorial/guide will be coming out soon.

Please vote according to the rules. Let’s get them this award in a way that makes them proud, and in a way that they deserve it. Fairly. Please don’t abuse the system. 



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