[ENG] BTS 1st Official MD Reservation Information (First Wave Of Reservations)

This is the representative of Big Hit Entertainment’s fan club.
And this the announcement for the greatly anticipated BTS’s first Official MD.
These products are limited in quantity and will be distributed by reservation.
Each Official MD will have a serial number, and the serial number and hologram mark will prove its authenticity as Official MD.
<BTS 1st Official MD Reservation Information (first wave of reservations)>

1. Product Information
– 2014 Diary with over 200 unreleased photos (07131) : 24,000 KRW / shipping and handling fee not included
– Official slogan (37131) : 18,000 KRW / shipping and handling fee not included
– Bandana (47131) : 15,000 KRW / shipping and handling fee not included
* Detailed images of each product will be revealed on Thursday 6PM.
* A special gift will be included for those who purchase all 3 products.
2. Reservation Information
– Available product quantity: 600 of each 2014 diary, official slogan and bandana.
– Due to high demand, one may order no more than 2 of each product.
– Reservation period: November 21st, 2013 7PM ~ November 23rd, 2013 5PM
– Reservation method: Order through the <1st MD Reservation> board within BTS Official Fan Site (board will open 11/21 6PM)
– Reservation Form:
**Make sure to post orders in private/secret mode.

  1. Purchasing Product (ex. 2 diaries /  2 bandanas / 1 slogan)
  2. Customer Name (ex. Army Kim)
  3. Depositor Name (ex. Army Kim)
  4. Daum ID and nickname used to join BTS official fan club (ex. Daum ID – btslove / Nickname – bangtan love)
  5. Shipping Address (including postal code) (ex. Seoul Gangnam-gu Nonhyun-dong chung-gu Building 10-31 Postal Code: 135-230)
  6. Contact number (ex. 012-3456-7890)

3. Payment and Payment Confirmation Information (Deposit)
– Deposit Period : Monday, November 25th, 2013 ~ Wednesday November 28th, 2013
– Deposit Confirmation Period : Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 ~ Thursday, November 29th, 2013
– Deposit Confirmation Method: Confirmation comment will be posted on each reservation posting that had the deposit bank account information comment which one had used to send in the deposit.
– Deposit Confirmation Format:

  1. Depositor Name : (ex. Army Kim)
  2. Deposit Date (year/month/day/time) : (ex. 2013/11/25/10:43AM)
  3. Bank Name where Deposit was made: (ex. Korea Bank)
  4. Deposited Amount :  (ex. 96,000 KRW)

4. Additional Information
1. There is a limit for how many products one may purchase. In the case one exceeds the limited number of products when ordering, he/she will still only be able to reserve the limited number of products.
2. In the case one does not make payment after reservation there will be disadvantages.
3. For those who have completed their reservation forms, deposit bank account number information will be post via comment on each reservation form posting.
4. After reservation number 600, waiting list numbers will be given out. Waiting list numbers will be given out for the next 100 people (601~701), and the number of products available for purchase for those with waiting list number will depend on how many people with reservation numbers have not made their deposits  and which type of products have not been paid for.
5. Shipping and handling charges are separate and information for shipping and handling charges will be posted on Thursday.

Fancafe post link: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaj/53
via: bangtan @ tumblr


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