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Hello ARMYs

It’s Bangtan’s leader Rap Monster. After always using “Hello, it’s Rap Monster~”, it’s awkward giving such a serious and formal greeting haha

It’s been a month since we’ve debuted! Wow..I always thought about what I’d be doing after debuting, a month after debuting, a year after, how I’d feel; I guess this is how it is..I’m happy every day.

And Born Singer was revealed. Personally, it’s a song that I put a lot of work into writing. Suga hyung and J-Hope also worked hard. Even though twenty days had passed, we tried hard to put in the emotions we felt after completing our first performance. On stage, off stage, in the waiting room, in the’s truly the best to write honestly than to do it in a roundabout way. My fear, weaknesses, carefreeness, happiness, anger, sadness – in other words, my emotions – are all 100% real. I’m not embarrassed at all about revealing this to you all. After it was completed, I got a bit emotional after adding the vocal line’s voices into the song.

Fans..ah, now it’s ARMYs. I always wonder how to show my thankfulness but now I’ve realized all I can do is work hard on stage and bow, wave, or smile once more when there’s time. I’m so happy that I’m able to give a present now. I’m even happier that it’s music. Bangtan will be a group that’s always thankful for ARMYs and a group faithful to the stage and music.

We’ll never lose our original intentions and become artists that ARMYs won’t ever be embarrassed of.

I love you!

– From Rap Monster

Translated by bts_trans

[130521] HOLLA

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Hello you all, after a long time I’m RapMons, BTS’ leader.

It’s not the first time I’m in the official fancafe… I think my hands are shaking. The day has come for me too to write in the official fancafe. MY heart is pounding. You all too??

Currently, we finished recording the MV in 3 days and we’re very busy preparing for the broadcasting stages without resting. In the practice time when I’ve a little break, all the seven members are doing our best looking through the posts without commenting . I put a hand on my chest!

Please, wait a bit till so we can show you storm-like activities (he means start promoting)..

Bangtan too, and you all too,  even if our beginnings will be seem humble, so prosperous will our future be! (proverb)

The people who don’t want to be disappointed, really, really; in order to meet your expectations, we’re doing our best practicing.

Even when we’re sleeping, sitting, standing all we think about is debuting… right now, this feeling is really like we’re gonna complete something.

In these 3 years, still when the puzzle wasn’t in order, and looking just at how it was being hardly formed (or imaginig of doing it);  just the thought of it made my heart flutter. I waited so much.

Please, stay tuned to watch how this puzzle completes.

All the fans via twitter, fancafe, all the support /cheering messages you sent to Bulletproof Boy Scouts are being monitored.

I hope the day I can repay you for cheering me on like this can come quickly, I’ll attack cooly.

I’m always thankful and I love you.

Translated by bts_trans


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