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Hello it’s Suga
It’s been a while, this is the man who doesn’t leave a sign that he visited the fancafe and only reads posts, Suga eungkyakya

Are you all doing well in this hot weather?? 🙂 We’re always able to do fighting-filled performances thanks to every one of you cheering us on keke

Have you all sent in a fanclub name? I myself sent in a name but got disqualified faster than the speed of light.
I can’t catch up with my loves’ creativity 😦
I’m having trouble choosing because all the name suggestions are s~o original and witty eungkyakya
I hope for lots of suggestions and congratulations to the winner who won’t be me…I should have done Think Big* when I was younger, I regret it now 😦 슙슙
Thank you for the energetic cheers and and I’m not kidding when I say this but I think our schedules aren’t as hard as they usually would be because I get to hear my loves’ voices!!
I love you, my loves~~

ps. See you later at Music Bank~~ eungkyakya


ps2. This is a photo of my loves at Show Champion, I always love you and am thankful for you all~ (I uploaded a smaller picture for privacy reasons ^^)

ps3. Why did my post get deleted? 😦 the fancafe doesn’t like me…kekekeke

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Showcase Fanaccount

My loves hello it’s Suga
Was Bangtan Boys’s first showcase fun?
For us Bangtan Boys, it was really really fun 🙂
I was really touched because so many of my loves came shoopshoop

Ah right this is not for writing about feelings, it’s supposed to be a fan account, right?

Eungkyakya I’ll start the fanaccount now

Bangtan Boys were showing lots of force starting from the intro clapclapclap
After that was We Are Bulletproof Pt.2!!
In my eyes it was definitely a really cool performance, especially Suga’s parts 🙂

After that was an interview and rapping from the 3 rappers!!
I felt really good because it felt like a performance I did at Daegu 3 years ago eungkyakya

After that was J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin’s dance.
Ah I love them they’re so cool, right? ㅎㅎ

My loves can easily agree with me!!
The performances were really cool eungkyakya

And the long-awaited!!!!!!! Title track No More Dream
The fan chant guide was released recently but the cheers were really loud so we had an eusha eusha energy-filled performance eungkyakya

And finally, the high-touch event we had for my loves who’ve travelled a long distance to come!!
My loves’s hands are so soft 🙂
Suga’s hands were not slippery because of sweat, it was the hand cream 😦
I remember the one who said my hands were sweaty and so from now on I’ll only use hand cream that isn’t oily eungkyakya

It was a really fun showcase and we’re hoping that you all had fun because it was Bangtan Boys’s first performance as well as our first showcase ㅠㅠ
And to the loves who couldn’t come to the showcase, don’t be too disappointed because you know there’s a lot of chances for us to meet in the future!!
This advanced Suga will go wherever my loves are

It was really fun and see you all at music shows~!!


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[130529] HELLO I’M SUGA

 visit fancafe…

Hello you all I‘m SUGA.

I wanted to write a post on the fancafe so I wrote it when the day was almost ending :)

Suddenly we’re already running towards June.

We, BANGTAN, as we get closer to our debut, we’re half excited half scared.

If it’s far it’s far, and if it’s close it’s close the 3 years of training are finally coming to an end.

Those words, the day when you will be able to see me it’s getting nearer right?

It’s really exciting right? I’m praying to these days past quickly so I’m able to see all of you.

Why does my heart beat like this? Eungkyakya

You will come to the showcase right…?

You will come to the first room right…? (it’s written cheotbangttae; he may also have mixed ‘first’ with bangtan)

You’re all looking forward to it right…?

If you can’t come the attacking SUGA is going to visit you all directly and I won’t have any mercy with you.

If you can’t come *sobs sobs* I think I might cry : (


It’s not a joke.


Translated by bts-trans


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