[NEWS] GAON CHART Releases Chart Rankings For October 27 – November 2

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. Jaejoong – ‘WWW’

2. Trouble Maker – ‘Chemistry’

3. U-KISS – ‘Moments’

4. Hong Kwang Ho – ‘Hongcert Concert Live Album’

5. MYNAME – ‘MYNAME 3rd Mini Album’

6. Block B – ‘Very Good’

7. G-Dragon – ‘Coup D’etat Limited Edition’

8. EXO – ‘XOXO (Kiss Ver.)’

9. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – ‘O! RUL8,2?’

10. SHINee – ‘Everybody’


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Big Hit is holding a streaming event for Bangtan to help them win the rookie award. Mass-streaming is the most effective way to do this, so the Big Hit staff has organized several times for ARMYs to stream No More Dream and N.O all at the same time.

(The following is translated from the fancafe post: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jlJ1/1)

Of the Top 10 people who post the most proof screenshots of their voting and streaming, one will be chosen randomly and will receive one of the three <MTV Rookie King Bangtan Lotto Show> prizes that have not been won (Rap Monster, Jin, or Jeongguk) and a polaroid. The remaining nine winners will receive random polaroids.

– Participation time/date: October 25th 2013 @ 12:00 am ~ November 17th 2013 @ 11:59 pm.
– Winners announcement: October 19th 2013, Tuesday (unconfirmed)
– How to participate:
1) Make an Mnet account! (if you have one already, skip to the 2nd step)
2) Download MPlayer → listen to No More Dream and N.O!
(Try to stream between 10:30 ~ 11:00 am / 1:30 ~ 2:00 pm / 6:30 ~ 7:00 pm)
3) Look up “방탄소년단” or “BTS” on portal sites such as Naver, Daum, or Nate and read the blog posts or news articles that come up. (This is the “research” portion of the award criteria)
4) Comment once a day on the <2013 MAMA> post and leave a screenshot as proof. The date and time must be clearly visible in order for it to be qualified.

Ex) (10/25) Proof screenshots
Comment content: (10/25) Proof screenshots **must be a locked/secret comment**
(10/25) 10:30 ~ 11:00 am streaming proof screenshot1 (photo included) **must be a locked/secret comment**
(10/25) 1:30 ~ 2:00 pm streaming proof screenshot2 (photo included) **must be a locked/secret comment**
(10/25) 6:30 ~ 7:00 pm streaming proof screenshot3 (photo included) **must be a locked/secret comment**
(10/25) Research proof screenshot (photo included) **must be a locked/secret comment**

5) Participate once a day and the person with most proof screenshots will be the king!

★ Notice
1) Must be a locked/secret comment (press the lock button in the comment box before posting)
2) If you take part in this event in a dishonest way (ex: editing date/time in your screenshots), you will be banned from all future events.
3) You must participate within the deadline to be qualified.
4) When posting a screenshot, the date and time must be clearly visible for it to be qualified. 

Translated by @ltsChristie ; please take out with credits.

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[NEWS] 131023 BTS Heads For Japan To Respond To Lovecalls

After receiving many love calls, BTS flew over to Japan on October 23 to hold interviews with 12 different news platforms.


Although the group has yet to debut officially in Japan, there has been an overflow of requests to interview this rookie group. BTS will be staying in Japan for three days and two nights, interviews with Japanese magazines like Hallyu PiaHaru Hana, and K-Style.

Hallyu Pia and Haru Hana, especially are the top 1 and 2 hallyu related magazines in Japan. With the start of this interview, the magazines will continue to deliver news about BTS for the next 21 months.

It is a very rare event for a hallyu magazine to interview and distribute news for a rookie who has not officially debuted yet.

enews spoke with Asia Content Center, who is in charge of BTS’ Japanese management on October 24, saying, “It’s only been half a year since BTS debuted in Korea, but it’s already stirring great interest in the Japanese press. Expectations for the group’s promotions in Japan are very high.”

Meanwhile, BTS wrapped up activities for N.O. and will start promoting The Rise of Bangtan.

Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment


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Taking Twitter by storm, BTS became the number one trending topic worldwide during a live stream.

On September 25 at 5PM (KST), BTS appeared on Arirang’s After School Club, bringing up a new Twitter trending topic of ‘BTSASC,’ which eventually rose to number one.


The trending topic is a real time search on Twitter by people from all around the world.

BTS became the third guests on After School Club to achieve the feat following EXO and B.A.P. With only three months of experience under its belt, BTS proved just how popular the group was overseas.

Through webchatting, BTS interacted with fans in USA, Malaysia, and more, with fans showing all kinds of affection, including playing a piano version of BTS’ Coffee from the O!RUL8,2 album.

Especially on this day, one fan revealed that she earned a lot of hope after hearing BTS’ songs while she was being bullied in school.

Meanwhile, BTS began promoting its first mini album, O!RUL8,2 on September 11.

Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

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